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HEY Did anyone see the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS -FULL PAGE STORY  on our artist member Anand Pkc Thursday ? Anand was our 1stPrize winner at the Hotel Chelsea Room juried art show . I wish to congratulate him on his amazing success cracking the  New York art market ! As they say about New York  "If you can make it there you can make it anywhere !" I'd say he has made his mark job well done . Heres the article in case you missed it. His show runs until the end of the month in Chelsea.  --JM



Hello John its me Anand I just want to thank you so much for all your help and supporting my art its because of you I got into such a famous art Chelsea art gallery and have the Daily News write a big article on me I am getting hundreds of emails a day from Daily News readers my life seems to have changed overnight thanks again ! I wish you continued success for The Art Of Fashion Arts Group in 2013 !

Best Wishes,

Anand PKC

Friday April 29 2011

Dear John,

I want you to know that the event last night at the Chelsea Room at the Hotel Chelsea , in all honesty, was by far the best I've participated in. As promised by you, it was very interesting, entertaining and most of all, I think I was able to share my work very intensively with a myriad art lovers. For the future, I do hope to see myself in more events of this kind.

Thank you very much for the opportunity and will look out for more

Friday April 29 2011

Hey John,

I Just wanted to begin by saying Thank you for putting
together a great night. I had a great time at the Chelsea Room
at Hotel Chelsea and really enjoyed and appreciated all the other talented artists.
To give artist the chance to display their art in such a setting really is a
great thing. I meet a lot of talented people and overall appreciated
everything. I even sold a painting which to me is one of the successes of a
good show. Thank you for everything. And if you ever need any help with these
shows, or any other internships/gigs of the sort I'd love to work with you. I
look forward to hearing from you. Thank you again for everything!.


Nikki Georgia K



April 15, 2011

Hey John,

Thanks for arranging another successful event at Chelsea!

Had a great time and made some good contacts. Can't forget the sale I made with my art too!

Please keep me informed about upcoming events.

Looking forward to working together again!


Peter Coley


Hello John,

It was a great event March 23rd  full of good energy, people, and a wonderful show of Artists! . I felt honored to be a part of all this. Chelsea was electrifying and the light in the Hotel Chelsea Room  was so in harmony with the whole shape and structure of the red bricks and the design. It was quite Unique.  I would like to know when you are having another opening in the Chelsea I would be interested in some dates and being part of it Also some one is interested in one of my paintings . So thanks again for your kindness much appreciated !.


Jeanmarie Conlon

Hey John,

Just wanted to thank you again for inviting me into such a wonderful show.

I had a great time and met alot of awesome folks..

Was well worth the trip up!

Please keep me in mind next time around, would love to do it again..

Best Regards,


Doug Z


Dear Fellow Artists:

This show was by far the best artist experience I have ever shared with the other artists. I feel like in our ten person show we created a comradery as artists from all walks of life  very rare and special.
John McMullen the creative and managing director of our show :  Some one give this man a round of applause!!! John has been working in artist favor as long as I have known him. Always humble and helpful his direct and straight forward business ethic has made The Art  Of Fashion Gallery grow in leaps and bounds seemingly in no time at all. He manages the venue, chooses the artist, creates the staff, contracts and promotes events such as these  so emerging artists like us have a chance to live our dreams realistically. From my experience with John and The Art Of Fashion Gallery there is no hurdle too cumbersome to get past .
Thanks guys!
Hollie Klem
Hello John!

The Art of Fashion show on Friday night was so wonderful and unlike
ANY art show I had ever been there before.  It was really great for me
to be able to show my work to such a different group of people, and
such a large one.  I cant thank you enough for including me in the

Beck Klausman
Hello John,

I really enjoyed the event yesterday  I got some great exposure .
I just want to say thank you and please think of me next time you do something like this.
It was really nice.

Thanks again for your support.
Hello John:
Just a truly great experience, any chance to show it off again like last night
would be a dream come true !.

Thank you so very much. Please keep me posted for other shows.

Pat Murphy
Hello John,

I made allot of contacts. Best art show I have been to so far this year and it makes it better that I was in it.

Thank You,
Jeremy Fraga